Welcome to all your watercolor dreams!

Hi friend! My name is Kelsey and I’m here to supply you with wonderful professional grade handmade watercolors.

I am first a Child of God, a wife to a amazing man, a mom to the two best blessings, and a artist.

I discovered watercolor a little bit ago and then discovered the absolute joy it is to make the actual paint and curate fun and useful palettes! Not only is it a joy to make all this paint, it being handmade you know you are getting the most pure and best watercolors about there!

I have spent hours upon hours perfecting my recipe. I have failed numerous times to get to the amazing paint that I offer! I use pure ingredients and NO fillers. I use only what needs to be used to make watercolor and nothing more. Interested in getting your hands on some? Hit the shop button or follow me on instagram to stay up to date on shop updates.

Happy to have you here and I hope that my watercolors make your dreams come true!